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Risk Management for Energy Markets (2 days)

Risk Management for Energy Markets (2 days)


The objective of this

 Risk Management training

seminar is to give a clear, comprehensive and rigorous introduction on the sources of

market risk

in energy, the tools and techniques available to measure and manage these risks, and best practices for devising and executing an energy risk management strategy. Upon completion of the seminar, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the fundamental causes and magnitude of energy market risks
  • Conduct basic analyses of deal structure, exposure and pay-off
  • Identify the need for putting a cost on risk, and how this is done
  • Select appropriate risk management tools for a range of risk exposures
  • Recognise best practices for deployment in energy risk management

Teaching method

Enerdata experts and speakers are seasoned energy professionals and consultants. All have relevant industry or academic experience in gas and electricity markets. Case studies will be explored and the concepts learned during the seminar will be put into practice. Quality teaching materials will be provided during the seminar.
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