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Gas and Electricity prices:
market fundamentals & risk management strategies(2 days)

Gas and Electricity prices:
market fundamentals & risk management strategies
(2 days)


The objective of this training seminar is to understand the formation and dynamics of gas and electricity prices, identify the risk factors that impact prices, and outline different risk management strategies.
Upon completion of the seminar, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the structure of the European & international gas and electricity markets
  • Identify the drivers of gas and power prices
  • Discern key market risks and areas of uncertainties
  • Outline the main strategies that can be applied to mitigate price risks

Who will benefit

This seminar is intended for energy sector professionals concerned with electricity and gas supply, particularly:
  • Energy economists and analysts
  • Business and project developpers
  • Buyers of gas and electricity
  • Corporate strategists & planners
  • Risk analysts
  • Finance & accounting managers
  • Civil servants
  • New recruits

Teaching method

Enerdata experts and speakers are seasonned energy professionals and consultants. All have relevant industry or academic experience in gas and electricity markets.
Case studies will be explored and the concepts learned during the seminar will be put into practice. Quality teaching materials will be provided during the seminar.

Training content

Session 1 Gas prices in international markets
Session 2 The European gas market
Session 3 Risks and uncertainties in the European gas market
Session 4 Gas risk management strategies
Session 5 The cost structure of power generation
Session 6 The European electricity market
Session 7 Volatility risks in the european electricity market
Session 8 Electricity risk management strategies
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"Lectures were quite extensive, topics were discussed by experienced professionals covering from different working environments with a very deep understanding of all the processes and mechanisms involved in the power & gas market sectors."
Sami Niemela, Wartsila
"Precise, Accessible, well explained."
Sylvie Petit, CIC
"An interesting overview of the energy markets."
Toral Notay, NORGINE
"I was very satisfied with this introduction course. It allows me to put the right information in the right place and to structure my understanding of prices issues."
Sophie Sicard, RENAULT
"Very good presentation of fascinating issues."
Laurent Meunier, ADEME
"A very well structured overview of both electricity and gas market fundamentals & risk management strategies, given by very experienced speakers."
Peter Verwee, GDF SUEZ
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Disclaimer : Enerdata reserves the right to cancel or postpone a training session, especially if there is an insufficient number of participants. Payments received will be fully refunded but no compensation will be given.